Alvin Swiftstep

The impromptu mayor of Pineton


Born in the holds that surround Pineton, Alvin was raised by his mother and her brothers who owned a farm in the holds. Alvin never knew his father, as he was killed by bandits during a night raid. Alvin’s career as head of the town guard began at the ripe age of 16, when he was finally told the story of how his father died. Alvin showed incredible aptitude with the longbow and held supreme finesse when wielding a longsword.

Once enough time in the town guard’s service had passed, Alvin was sworn in as Captain of the guard and placed in command of the 40 men and entrusted with the protection of Pineton and its holds. Soon after his ascension to captain, the town came under attack from strange creatures who resembled men but held discolored skin that appeared to be held together with stitching. These creatures would not only destroy parts of the holds and town, but they would also carry some able bodied men away after the attacks.

After Group 1 came to Alvin and the town’s aid, they learned that Poo Lan was behind the attacks and that he was transforming the captured men into brainless golems who would do his biding.

Alvin Swiftstep

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