Know-It-All Bard


Full Name: Caendaria Marillion (not known IC)
Nickname: “Kendy”
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard
Age: 24
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Deity: Sehanine

Bonuses (Based on background):

+ 3 to History Checks made regarding towns, cities, trading outposts, and villages

+ 2 to Insight Checks when dealing with item prices and Merchant motives

Notable Kills

Goblin Leader of the West – Open plains of Egar

Kendy wears her long, strawberry blonde hair pinned back from her face, leaving only her sideswept bangs loose, though she still tucks them behind an ear. Her ears, which come to the gentle point identifying her as a half-elf, are easily visible with this hairstyle and are decorated with several piercings. She also sports a nose piercing. She has a thin scar through one eyebrow and piercing violet eyes. For clothing she wears a loose white blouse under a leather vest and waist belt, with sturdy tight pants and thigh-high black boots. The cut of her clothes seems to favor elven style rather than human. Around her neck is a medallion which she keeps tucked into her shirt, out of view most of the time. Being a bard, the instrument she carries is an elaborately carved citole (basically a medieval ukulele).


None of the following is known in-character unless explicitly told.

Kendy, as she is known by her party members, was born Caendaria Arista Marillion to Pherenika, an elven ambassador, and Aleck Marillion of the noble, human family line. She had her mother’s strawberry blonde hair and her father’s violet eyes. Growing up, Kendy was their only child and wanted for nothing—she had the best education, training extensively in history, language, and etiquette as well as music and art. She was exceptionally adept with music from a young age and her parents, in seeing her early skill, coaxed her to train heavily and hone her talent. Her mother was both kind and encouraging. Her father was much harsher and had exceedingly high expectations of his half-elf daughter, often forcing Kendy to perform complex musical pieces perfectly or recite exact historical facts from memory before she was allowed to eat or rest.

The pressure was draining for a young person and Kendy found comfort in writing her own music, which she hid from her parents, and reading about pretty much everything she could get her hands on. Her curiosity for knowledge was voracious, for she read practically every single book available to her in the Marillion library.

When she was 12, Pherenika passed away in a terrible accident. Kendy fell into extreme grief, shutting herself up in her room for days and writing extremely sad songs. Her father did not take it as badly; he was a diplomat and had a reputation to keep. Aleck remarried within the year, much to Kendy’s protest, to a human noblewoman named Marissa. Marissa did not hold Kendy, or any elves for that matter, in high regard, and therefore treated her step-daughter with much disdain.

When Marissa became pregnant with twin sons shortly after the wedding, Kendy felt increasingly trapped. Once her brothers, Quinn and Donn, were born, it was clear that Kendy would be passed over for not just her inheritance but also her father’s affection. Aleck doted on his new sons as he had never done with his daughter, and he was noticeably less exacting on their studies and skills. Kendy’s anger boiled inside her, and when she spoke out against her treatment she was physically disciplined. She knew then that she needed to get out.

At 15 she snuck into the family vault and extracted a third of what would have been her full inheritance, leaving two-thirds for her younger brothers. She felt the even split of the full amount was judicious, and it was more than plenty for her to get away. She left with the money, her citole, and an amulet that her mother had given her, and a bag full of her most practical clothing.

After successfully running away and fleeing the town where she grew up, she shortened her name to “Kendy” and spent the next 8-9 years exploring the other continents. Her skill in music helped her to easily embrace bardic magicks. Her knowledge of history and language allowed her to travel easily, able to make friends across race lines. Interestingly no one ever asked her where she was from or what her surname was, if she had one, and she liked it that way.

Life as an adventurer was interesting, to say the least, and Kendy kept a journal of poetry and songs about all her travels and happenings, as well as lists of contacts in all the places she has visited. In one city, when she was about 17, she met a fellow half-elf named Octavius, whom she had a fleeting but extremely emotional relationship with—he was the first man she had ever said “I love you” to. He was a warlock and therefore kind of volatile. Through her abrasive curiosity and persuasive manner, she managed to convince him to teach her one of his spells. They traveled together a few months before parting ways in an explosive argument, the subject of which involved the very Eldritch Bolts he taught her to throw, leaving her with a scar through her eyebrow. They were both young and cocky. She hasn’t seen him since, though she wonders about him idly quite often.


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