Daraendra Maldranthe

An Eladrin ranger with a keen sense for survival


Bonuses (based on background):

+2 Heal checks when dealing with animals or creatures with keyword Fey

+3 History checks on the subject of Tannin’s continents (excluding any unexplored territories)

Notable Kills

Jackalwere Bravo – Merchant’s Passage Lvl 2
Rosta of the Plains – Falgar’s Tomb


Growing up as a half sun, half-moon Eldarin in a sun Eladrin city is not as difficult as it would be for someone who is half-human, half-humanoid growing up elsewhere(such as a half-orc). That said, Dara always has felt somewhere out of place in the Feywild. Even though she considers it to be her home, her mother’s Moon Eladrin influence often contrasts with the Sun Eladrin traits she inherited from her father’s side.

About Dara


LIke all Eladrin, Dara holds a special reverence for wildlife and nature. Although keeping pets is rare for sun elves, because of her mother with a menagerie of pets in the typical Moon Eladrin fashion. Her world view is centered around self-indulgence and doing what makes her happy, such as sculpture and painting. But because she grew up in a Sun Eladrin society, she also strives for perfection and has little patience for things that are flawed. And typical of most sun-elves (but unusual for Eladrin overall), she sees no logic in being average in a variety of skills—she would rather master an art before pursuing another.

Due to the influence of maternal grandfather, the former ranger, throughout her adolescnece she frequently exploring the forests, beaches, and fields that surrounded Mardarta instead of focusing on the typical Sun Eladrin interests in the arcane. During her stays with her mother’s family in Nyverrn, she would often accompany her grandfather as he travelled the Feywild on as a diplomat of Nyverrn.

History and Exploring

Because of her father’s interest in history, she grew up hearing stories of various Eladrin explorers. She loved hearing about the adventures of Eladrin who, after braving the Feywild, went on to explore the wonders of the mortal realm. Her favorite stories were the tales of Verya Ediomar (Ediomar the Bold), one of the first Eladrin historians/adventurers to explore the world outside of the Feywild. Because his stories and writings supposedly take place a few millennia ago, it is not known what is true and what is myth. With her natural Moon Eladrin wanderlust, and because she had traveled so much of the Feywild with her grandfather, she grew up with dreams of someday seeing the world Ediomar spoke of, the world outside of the Fey.


Like all Eladrin, Dara tends to come off as standoffish to those unfamiliar with Eladrin ways. This is made worse due to her Sun Eladrin tendencies. Her upbringing in a Sun Eladrin society means that she often holds a patronizing view of non-Eladrin; it takes time for her to determine whether a non-Eladrin’s affairs are worth her time. Eladrin in general tend to have little interest in affairs occurring outside of the Feywild; if an event lasts less than a decade, it is rarely seen as being noteworthy. Eladrin’s prolonged lifespans makes them focus on the big picture, and this holds true for Dara—people don’t usually make strong impressions with her unless she spends enough time with them because tends to focus on the big picture. Spending a few months with someone means little to an Eladrin because they tend to think in terms of decades. That said, people who she grows to see as friends are held in very high regard. And unlike many sun eladrin who see no value in interacting non-Eladrin races, Dara tends to take her moon Eladrin mother’s more accepting views and over time would have no issues in considering a non-Eladrin to be her friend.

Dara in Tannin

This leads us to how Dara Maldranthe, who albeit has a slightly unusual background for an Eladrin is generally unassuming as a person, ended up on the continent of Egar in Tannin. Her grandfather learned of a wealthy Moon Eldarin living in Tannen who was seeking a Envincelva for his sick and elderly blink dog. Dara jumped at the chance to visit Tannen and leave the feywild for the first time, and immediately set out to find him in a small coastal town in Egar. After tending to his blink dog, Dara decided that she hadn’t experienced enough of Tannin. She decided to take some time to explore the continent of Egar, as that chapter was one of the least documented chapters in the Tales of Verya Ediomar.

Family and Background

Dara’s father is a sun Eladrin (called sun elf in previous versions of D&D) born and raised in Mardarta, a massive fort city in the Feywild. Mardarta is the home of the Eladrin’s most prestigious institutions of knowledge and arcane magic. Sun Eldarin society is highly dependent on hierarchy, which is tied to family legacy and magical prowess. Arinmar, being the 4th son of 7 children, was not likely to inherit control of the family, so this revelation led him to concentrate less on social-climbing pursuits and instead to focus on mastering arcane lore and general Eladrin history. This interest led him to enroll in the esteemed Fírima Saira, studying ancient Eladrin lore.

Shortly before he finished his studies, he met Dara’s mother, Illyria Rhaevern of the ancient Moon Eladrin city of Nyverrn. Illyria’s father acted as diplomat between Madarta and Nyverrn, dealing specifically with animal trade regions. Illyria’s father/Dara’s grandfather was formerly a ranger who had nearly 2 centuries worth of knowledge on the wildlife of Feywild. Illyria was studying sculpture at this time at the Celvar Saira in Nyverrn. She specialized in capturing the essence of wildlife in a variety of mediums. She also worked as teaching assistant, so she would occasionally visit Mardarta with her father during his work trips and teach guest lectures at the Fírima Saira. Arinmar happened to overhear one of her lectures and was instantly attracted to her lively personality and her passionate interest in the topic. The two cultivated a friendship that lead to a romance, and after 7 decades they were wed. Dara was born nearly a century later. Because Arinmar had accepted a teaching position at the Fírima Saira shortly before Dara’s birth, the family settled in Mardarta. During her childhood, Illyria made sure that her daughter frequently visted her family in Nyverrn, so that Dara would also become familiar with the ways of the moon Eladrin. After growing up in the Sun Eldarin world of Mardarta, after Dara finished her secondary education she moved to Nyverrn and enrolled in her mother’s alma mater, the Celvar Saira. There was she was trained as an Envincelva, a type of healer that focuses on animals.

Daraendra Maldranthe

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