A Pixie assassin of the evil allignment.


Bonuses (based on background):

Resist 3 poison (on all attacks, traps, non-combat encounters)

+2 to attack and damage rolls against creatures with the Keyword Giant


Deathsap grew up in the beautiful and rich city of Astrazalian. His mother was a successful trader with the Star and Dolphin Coster. He would spend a lot of my childhood with her in the markets as she would trade beautiful gems and other precious stones/resources that the people of Astrazalian are known to love.

When Deathsap became old enough he started spending some time with his father who was a member of the Sword Guard. Deathsap’s would valiantly fight for the city and our archfey Lady Shandria (niece of the Summer Queen) during the treacherous winter months when fomorians (giants including fomorian warrior, painbringer, ghost shaman, cackler, totemist, fomorian blinder and butcher). He would take Deathsap on patrols with him during the summer months and he taught him the basics of battle and how to use the Pixie’s size as an advantage in battle. Deathsap’s father taught him the basics of the shuriken, gusari gama, and short sword.

Their home was near the border of the city because of Deathsap’s father’s position in the guard and because pixie’s were not held in high regard in Astrazalian’s strict caste system. During one exceptionally dark and cold winter night the city was attacked by a huge group of giants. The guards that were on patrol weren’t paying attention and some of the giants got into the city before they sounded the alarm. By the time Deathsap had awoke from our door crashing in, his father was already dressed and ready to fight. Deathsap flew out of the house as soon as he realized what was happening. When he returned once the city guard had cleared out the area he found both of my parents dead, their belongings stolen, and his childhood home destroyed. Deathsap changed that day, and lost all that he had ever loved.

Deathsap left Astrazalian’s so called paradise, and became determined to never be foolish enough to believe in safety again. He strove to be the strongest and most deadly pixie so that he could get revenge for the death of his parents and regain the wealth he had lost. Deathsap had heard rumors of places in the wild where you could learn of poisons and find anything you couldn’t get in the cities. He traveled in the Feywild eventually found himself in the Murkendraw. Once he had survived the deadly swamps and gathered what rare plants and animal hides he could find and kill, Deathsap stumbled into the Murkroot trade moot. It was here that Deathsap made my living for a time while learning all that he could of dark tricks and poisons. Deathsap also found a god to worship whose ideologies struck closest to his current beliefs. Hoar was worshiped here often, and a shrine that was set up to pay homage to the evil deity. Almost every day Deathsap would pray to him to strike down the giants that killed his family. He learned during the time he dedicated to Hoar that he, Deathsap, must fight all injustices encountered to hopefully win Hoar’s favor when the time came for his revenge. After loosing favor with some of the goblins who run the moot because of some of their more valuable items going missing Deathsap left to start his quest to get revenge.

After silently killing fomorians in the outskirts of Mag Tureah and having a few near death experiences Deathsap realized that he could not conquer the giants on his own, so he headed into the natural world to find adventurers that would be strong and stupid enough to help him get my revenge. Deathsap found a foolish Dwarf who called himself Leogold and pledged his allegiance in return for a nice portion of whatever treasure they found. Together these two began to assemble their party, and all the while Deathsap continued to formulate his ultimate goal…


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