Gronk Caradryan

A Half-Orc Paladin who acts first, asks questions second.


Bonuses (based on background):

+2 to attack rolls vs. Orcs, Half-Orcs

+2 Diplomacy when speaking with NPC citizens of village/town
(excludes leaders and enemies)

Notable Kills:

Dante Wargmaster – Bandit’s hideout near Redwood Village


Gronk was an arrogant son in his youth. Raised by parents who dabbled in dark magic, Gronk was trained to believe that eventually evil would dominate the world and that it was better to be on the winning side. Handsome (by Half-Orc standards), rich, powerful family ties, Gronk was the very archetype among the jaded Clan Caradryan. There was no rumor he would not foster, no intrigue to which he would not stoop. By all accounts, Gronk’s petty nature was such that even the local clansmen would have cast him out were it not for the support of his family who nurtured that malevolent side.

Gronk’s life changed when he made a pilgrimage to a local Shrine of Bane, a journey to which all Half-Orc clansmen were expected to make at least once. There, in perhaps the worst display of arrogance in his life, Gronk stole into the holy Chamber of Asherah. What he witnessed he has never spoke of, but when he emerged he was a changed man. On his back was a glowing rune of Bahamut intermingled with a rune of Kord marking him a servant of those gods. On that day, Gronk gave up all his Clan Caradryan possessions and took the vows of a paladin. He has not spoken to his clan or family ever since.

Gronk traveled as far as he could before his legs gave out and he collapsed. Fortunately, a small town of varying races took him in and sheltered him until he recovered. Fiercely loyal to the locals, Gronk tried to rationalize why they would protect him, even when the scouts came looking for him from his old clan to submit him to the punishment of death for leaving. Always taught to hate and despise other races, and only to look out for his family and himself, Gronk was at war mentally and spiritually because he began to understand the value in friendship and protecting the people he cared about. Eventually, Gronk felt that it was necessary to leave so he could better protect the local town that he loved. The town’s people understood, albeit sad to see Gronk leave as he intimidated local thugs and bullies to seek shelter elsewhere. Gronk packed up to travel in hopes of coming to grips with his new found hatred of the Orc linage, Warlocks, and evil.

Gronk spends long days in secluded meditation, reading the fiery letters that tell of his past in Clan Caradryan and the clan’s current happenings. At other times, Gronk stands atop the walls of the shrines of either Kord or Bahamut gazing as he fights to maintain control and reason with his darker past. Although Gronk is one to quickly use intimidation through more “colorful” means, he has found balance in believing in good and believes that the ends justify the means. Always trained to believe in that Half-Orcs are violent in nature, Gronk struggles with the ideals of mercy and ethics. Gronk prefers more straight forward approach towards reasoning.

Dead men cannot harm his friends.

Gronk Caradryan

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