Hawke Malkut

A Tiefling Warlord who seeks to rid the world of evil arcane users.


Bonuses (based on background):

+1 Arcana from intense studying

+2 Diplomacy from leadership

+2 Nature from time as nomad


Hawke’s past truly begins when he was a teenager as his hometown cast out the Tiefling population by threat of force when city officials discovered a cult of warlocks practicing the ancient arts of demon pacts as their ancestors of the Bael Turath Empire had done to gain influence over the city’s nobility. The thought of history repeating itself destroyed the already uneasy acceptance of the Tieflings in the city to outright banishment, thus beginning his hatred for warlocks.

With no place to call home, or hope of Sanctuary in the foreseeable future, Hawke’s life quickly became a lesson in survival. Exploration of the countryside led to pockets of Tiefling settlements establishing themselves, but they could only support small groups or never lasted for one reason or another. As a nomad, he began to learn the art of herbalism and alchemy to create basic salves and poultices, since medicine was a rare commodity.

As the Tiefling swarm broke apart and diminished over the years, his role as a leader began to emerge. He led skirmishes when supply raids became necessary and conflicts between and within parties broke out. Never a battle master due to his lack of martial training, he was looked to as a beacon of hope, keeping his cohort healthy and inspired that they would eventually find a new home. Hawke knew long before he led his own group to settlement that diplomacy and intellect, and not force, would be the key to success.

When Hawke reached his early twenties, his groups elders recognized his foresight and acknowledged him as a leader who could take the responsibility to lead the group toward a home. In the next two years, he was called upon to enter negotiations with nearby civilizations to accept Tieflings into their cities and allow them homes. Though fractured and placed in their own tiny pockets of civilization, his people now had homes again in his region after more than 7 years of a nomadic life. The city officials had heard of the news that led to the event of their exodus, and were concerned of it ever occurring again in their own cities. Hawke reassured them that no member was a practitioner of the arcane, and added a solemn vow that if a heretic were ever to rear their horned head ever again, he would personally come to rout them for the dishonor.

Hawke’s final years before adventuring were quiet as he lived as an herbalist’s apprentice, and resumed his studies for the first times in years with a personal interest in the arcane as he believe knowledge of magic (and primarily dark magic, though he could never find much reading material for it) may help him in the future to protect himself and his people should history attempt to repeat itself.Eventually, the city became too confining for Hawke as he actually missed the constant movement. Not that the humans of the city welcomed him with open arms anyways. Feeling restless, Hawke equipped his gear once again for adventure.

Hawke Malkut

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