Pentos Silverkin

A noble with strong ties to the Cult of Vecna.


Pentos Silverkin was a noble who held great status in Rosebarrow. He was very close with individuals who held some power in the political circles within Rosebarrow. A member of the very prestigious House Silverkin, Pentos came into wealth and power at birth and knew no other life.

Pentos showed signs of magic aptitude from an early age, and was approached by a tutor from the local Mage’s Guild. The tutor helped Pentos develop his skills and eventually informed him about his former master’s ties with an organization known as the League of the Moon. Pentos became eager to meet his tutor’s standards and became a part of the Cult of Vecna and thereby an associate of the league.

Group 2 was presented with a quest to find a traitor in Rosebarrow’s noble circle. They uncovered that Pentos was indeed the traitor and ended him in a battle beneath his manor. Once defeated, a strange woman emerged from a spell circle in the center of the room. This woman was identified later to be the Aspect of Vecna.

Pentos Silverkin

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