A grizzled adventurer who no longer has a home


Samuel was once put under a spell by a Spring Nymph named Malia. Though he had a family, Samuel was placed under Malia’s spell and fell madly in love with her. Malia also loved Samuel, which is unheard of for Nymphs and decided to keep him alive due to this new emotion. Eventually Samuel overcame her spell and fled back to his family. Fearing being alone, Malia found Samuel’s family first and killed them. Samuel returned home to find Malia standing over his dead family and the two engaged in combat; Samuel used a ritual to trap part of Malia’s essence into a gem and he now keeps it on a necklace around his neck.

Samuel had a small cabin near the large lake in the center of Egar, but Dara set it ablaze when group 3 started the quest to find the necklace for Malia under the impression bandits had it.


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