One Badass Bitch who is also a Drow thief.


Bonuses (based on background):

+ 2 Perception, Nature, and Dungeoneering while in Underdark or underground

+ 2 Streetwise in cities and towns

- 5 Perception due to missing an ear

Notable Kills:

Brain Bug – Ruins of Civic Building in Old Ravenport


The darkness tried to ruin her yet the darkness brings her hope. Born into the gloomy Underdark and never knowing her mother she was sheltered and raised by Thorn. Thorn took care of her, seldom speaking a word. He appeared to her a scarred figure that slinked through the shadows of her world. She wasn’t sure of Thorns past, or even if he was her real father, but none of that mattered as they struggled to survive in the unpredictable bellows of the Underdark.

Her first memory, now faraway and faded, is of a dreamlike woman carrying her deep into the darkest abyss of Underdark. A place where the light is only a rumor and even the most courageous of drow dared not go. Deep in the darkness the striking features of the woman’s face still burned brightly in her mind even today. She recalled a shot of fear crept across the woman’s face as she turned to Scarlett in the unnerving quiet of the black. She smiled then slipped a small scarlet colored bracelet onto her wrist and faded into the abyss. Scarlet would have disregarded this memory as a dream if not for the blood red bracelet she wears to this day. The handmade bracelet has lost its luster with the passage of time but embroidered in black the name Eillistraee remains strangely pristine.

As a young girl she watched Thorn and learned how to use the darkness to her advantage. Stealing as they distracted their targets they worked as a team to eek out an uneasy living. She excelled quickly and as a teenager had already surpassed Thorn in skill. She could manipulate and steal from the common man at will. Everyday she grew more comfortable in the Underdark. Overtime Thorn began to grow bitter and jealous of her innate talents.

One day Thorn asked Scarlett to help him steal an enchanted Kiira Gem from Brom, an evil and wealthy elf wise in the ways of dark magic. Scarlet knew it unwise but couldn’t turn her back on the only man who had ever cared for her. The heist seemed destined to fail and Brom easily captured Scarlett while Thorn was nowhere to be found. Betrayed and scared Brom banished Scarlett to spend the rest of her days in a faraway prison.

During 5 long years in prison Scarlett found a taste for blood. As a young female drow it was kill or be killed in the wanton chaos of the prison. She survived as best she could all the while studying the complex elven locks. After practicing in secret on the locks for years she finally escaped by quickly picking and unlocking as many cells as possible thereby starting a riot. During the ensuing madness she found the head-guard hiding in a warchest. The guard pleaded with her to keep his hiding spot a secret giving her the master gate key. She nodded with understanding eyes and helped him back into the chest. She then proceeded to lock the chest and set it on fire as she made her escape.

Following her escape she used her developing skills to work with different adventuring groups throughout the land. With no desire to return to dark world that betrayed her she looks for riches in the land above. Although from time to time she’ll look at her wrist and read the name Eillistraee and feel a slight pain and an eerie pull to return to the deep of the Underdark.


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