Sylwar the Beardless

An Elf with a very angry disposition against Dwarfs.


Bonuses (based on background):

+ 1 versus Drow and Dwarfs

+ 2 perception while in Underdark or underground

Notable Kills:

John, King of the Barbarians – Ragestone Keep in Ourea
Pentos Silverkin – Silverkin Manor, Rosebarrow


Orphaned as a baby, Sylwar was found and raised by Garrus Heftblade in the town of Heymoor. Garrus loved the child and raised him with the utmost care; Sylwar learned to hunt with bows, and spar with blades from his father as well as how to survive in the wild. Sylwar always felt different as his village was a mixed with Humans, Halflings, and Dragonborn, but no other Elves. He focused purely on martial skills and training to push past his pains from childhood.

As an adult, Sylwar joined the Heymoor Guard and quickly gained the rank of Elite. Garrus was very proud of his son and presented him with the deed and title to the family land. A very skilled marksman, and always calm under pressure, Sylwar kept watch over the town and gave the townsfolk a sense of total security.

Soon after Sylwar gained the family land his father Garrus passed away. Sylwar was distraught and full of rage as he learned that he would age much slower than everyone he knew and cared for. One night he drank himself into a drunken stupor while on watch; he fell asleep and could not be awoken by even the crashing sounds of a wild Ettin and its Kobold horde destroying the village. Sylwar awoke and was cast out by the remaining people of Heymoor; dishonored and disgraced Sylwar fled as far as his legs could take him into the deep, dark caverns on Egar.

Sylwar crept through the dark endless tunnels of the abandoned Undercitadels of the once Great Dwarf Empire. Living here in darkness reflecting on all that he had lost, Sylwar learned how to survive in this new environment. A large clan of Dwarfs suddenly began establishing a new settlement in their ancestors’ home and continually pushed Sylwar further and further into the deeper parts of the Undercitadel. As a method of keeping his position and home secret, Sylwar would occasionally have to kill Dwarfs who wandered into his lair; the killings earned him the title of “The Beardless” due to his ritual of scalping the dead Dwarfs’ beards as a method of frightening the others who found the corpses.

As Sylwar fell deeper into the darkness he eventually found his way into the Underdark, a dark realm where the Drow and terrifying creatures reside. Sylwar was immediately found by Lolth’s guards and brought before her in the Drow Capital of Menzoberranzan. Lolth, Queen of the Underdark, offered Sylwar an option of becoming her slave in exchange for his life. Sylwar agreed and was spared; once Sylwar learned of the ritual to become a slave for Lolth (transforming into a spider-mutant) he fled the Underdark. Narrowly escaping the guards and sentries, Sylwar made his way back to the surface and found passage on a boat headed towards Oceanus.

After joining up with Hawke through a trial by fire against a goblin squad, Sylwar now searches for riches and a piece of land to call his own where he can live peacefully away from the treachery of his past.

Sylwar the Beardless

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