Veronica Hill

A cleric who hails form a dead clergy line.


Veronica joined group 1 under false pretense, as she promised them monetary compensation for being her bodyguards. Group 1 failed and she was taken by Poo Lan; the party located his first stronghold and freed Veronica. She has vowed to stay with them and help their cause as she owes them her life.

When asked about her past, Veronica explains that she belongs to an old line of clergymen which have been wiped out by cultists of Torog. She was raised in a monastery high in the mountains on the boarder between Greyview and the Elderwoods. Veronica was told from a young age that she had powerful, divine blood running through her which was to be used for the explicit purpose of helping others.

When the cultists came, her caretakers hid her and sent her away with a trusted bodyguard who she does not mention by name. Veronica only states that her bodyguard was killed before she found the cabin in which she first met Group 1.

Veronica has good intentions, but seems to use somewhat questionable methods of achieving her goals. Lying about rewards seems to be a favorite tool of hers.

Veronica Hill

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