Heroes of Legend

Itir Quickhand – A kind Gnome who was raised under the guidance of his father and mother in Westedge. Itir showed great aptitude with magic and was propelled into the most prestigious order of Gnome Warlocks. As an adult, Itir used his position of power to build an alliance with the Goliaths and better their relationship. When the horde of Denarius Maximillion marched west towards the Gnome cities, Itir took on the role of Military strategist and used his alliance with the Goliaths to exploits weaknesses in this new enemy’s ranks.
The battle was fierce and bloody as Gnomes, Goliaths, and Humans all fell on the frost covered floor of Boreas. Itir challenged Denarius to open combat on the field in the hopes of ending the bloodshed. The Gnomes were never known for casting spells quickly, but Itir’s hands said to have moved so quickly that Denarius saw nothing but a blur as the fireballs and lightning blasts ripped him to shreds.
Once the war was over, and the humans put back in their place, the Great Purge had begun. Demons overwhelmed every defense on every continent except for Boreas. Itir used an amazing amount of magic energy to build a barrier which kept the demons from overtaking the continent. Itir passed away shortly after casting his spell and his remains are now buried in an elaborate temple which overlooks the city of Westedge.

Otorok Bloodstone – A Dwarf prince born into a clan of powerful and just rulers. Otorok was raised with the belief that those who are stronger should protect those who are weaker. The Bloodstone clan were the rulers of the undercitadels and protected the clans within their walls and those above ground. Otorok’s father, Falgar, trained his son in the art of combat and diplomacy. Once he became of age, Otorok was given the reigns of the kingdom by his father. Both were feared warriors on the battlefield and had shown their prowess against rogue Dwarf clans, and Shifter bandits.
When the Purge hit, Otorok lead his armies against the threat head-on. The demons had numbers in the tens of thousands while the Dwarfs held a mere fraction of this number. Otorok and his forces were pushed back into their last stronghold alongside his father; both Otorok and Falgar guarded the entrance to their last undercitadel killing over 1000 demons each. Falgar was killed in battle and Otorok slew the demon warlord and routed the forces attacking his home.
Soon after the purge Otorok began rebuilding the empire, but passed away of a disease left behind from the demons who had tainted the lands. Otorok and his father were both buried with their legendary weapons Killjoy the axe which belonged to Otorok, and The Last Right the axe of Falgar.

The First Order: Deep in the lost books of Human history, there is a tale of five human knights who defended their kingdom from all threats small or large. These knights possessed power beyond that of normal men, and together they could slay even the mightiest of beasts. Before the Great Purge these five knights had gained the attention of the evil god of dragons, Bahamut, who is known today as a deity of the Lawful Good pantheon. In these days Bahamut was feared rather than respected, and any human who opposed him met their end. The knights rose to the challenge and met Bahamut on the battlefield of his realm in the sky. For two days both sides fought, and with each blow the knights gave Bahamut the more they realized that this being was in fact not Bahamut. The knights had destroyed this imposters armor and found this creature’s true form to be that of Tiamat the evil god of dragons. The knights used their last ounce of strength to lock Tiamat away in his realm; the knights returned to the mortal realm with more experience than any fighter on the plant and wished to share this knowledge with the young warriors to better prepare them for future evil incursions. This is how the first order of Paladins were formed and the time honored trainings, rights of passage, and rituals first came from.

Verya Ediomar: An Eladrin of incredible literary fame and hero of myth. Verya was one of the first Eladrins who was brave/foolish enough to wander in the mortal realm of Tannin. Verya’s tales range from meeting his kin the Wood Elves, to slaying an Ettin Warchief with nothing but a dagger and some briar-root vines. There are many living in both the realm of Tannin and the Feywild who spend their entire lives searching for the legendary items Verya carried with him; these items are rumored to have been blessed by numerous gods, demi-gods, and enchanted by powerful sorcerers over the course of Verya’s journey. All of these items, and Verya himself are said to only fiction by the Eladrin who grew up listening to his stories.

Falgar Bloodstone: The Father of Otorok, Falgar was one of the four legendary kings who brought peace to the Dwarf Kingdoms. Born in the Undercitadel of Damascus, Falgar was raised as a warrior by his father and mother. Falgar’s House, House Bloodstone, was one of nobility and were entrusted with protecting Damascus in very ancient times. This legacy allowed them to claim the throne during the Dwarvish civil wars when almost every house attempted to take the throne by force. Falgar studied fighting stances, battle tactics, multiple disciplines of weaponry, and some magics as well. By the time Falgar had reached young adulthood, Falgar had lead hundreds of excursions against the Shifter menace above ground and established outposts protecting the above ground holds, farms, and territories. When his the king of Damascus was past his prime, the military placed Falgar as their choice for the new king from the eligible houses. Falgar took the kingdom and established a treaty with the Shifter clans; with a treaty in place, the Dwarfs began a new era of peace and prosperity under Falgar’s rule. Falgar claimed a wife, and fathered Otorok who he cherished more than any riches in the deeps of Tannin. The Great Purge followed many years later placing the world into a dark war that waged across every continent and bloodied every doorstep. Falgar, with his son who was now king by his side, began an offensive campaign against the new threat, only to lose thousands of troops. In the end both Falgar and Otorok were forced to defend a final stronghold which housed the last of their Kingdom’s population. During the battle, Falgar was killed by a demon warlord named Aezrel. Otorok failed to slay this demon and could only watch as his father’s killer casually turned and disappeared into the massive wave of demons. Otorok defended the stronghold, and routed his enemies back to the surface as the Shifters arrived to assist. Falgar’s Tomb is one of the larger structures in the ruins of Damascus, and hold Falgar’s remains as well as his legendary axe “The Last Right” which saw endless bloodshed until its master’s death.

Heroes of Legend

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