History of Tannin

The cosmos were shaped by the gods of old and built for their enjoyment and pleasure. Unchecked and unchallenged, they were free to create what they desired and take what they lusted for from one another. These old gods were very animalistic in nature and seemed to run on instinct instead of intelligence, which supreme beings are thought to have. From the lust of these old gods came the current pantheon that all mortals on Tannin have to come to recognize. These new gods are not as instinctual as their forefathers, but their desires are still great. The new gods craved power and took it through force from their creators; some fell and others became imprisoned.

Scars formed on the battlefield created the nebulas, and sites of immense conflict laid the foundation of the planets. The different realms were areas in where the old gods attempted to hide but failed; they instead gifted those realms with a piece of their beings. The old god of the wilderness blessed the Fey Wild; the old god of shadows hid in the Shadowfell and was destroyed by the moroseness that overtook him. The numerous other old gods fell in battle and their last stands created the Elemental chaos and numerous other planes.

The world of Tannin is divided into seven known continents, with the strong possibility of a few undiscovered ones. These lands were divided when large volcanoes erupted and terrible quakes formed the world we occupy today, and from these lands the new gods began to explore their powers.
The Elves came first and were the product of Melora who favored the wild. Moradin formed the Dwarves who were built in his image and given his love for the mountains and ground. Man was one of the last main races and were created by Bahamut; man was given Bahamut’s will and drive to succeed.
There were of course those who wished to corrupt their brethren’s creations by poisoning them. The evil pantheon emerged and began to take the empty realms and planes as their own. The poisoned humans who were promised power became Tieflings; the Elves who were tricked into leaving their realm of the Fey Wild for the mysteries of the Underdark became the Drow. The Elves who remained in the Fey Wild became the Eladrin, and numerous other races were birthed as results of the gods’ influence on their lands—Shifters from the planes, Deva from the Cloudlands, Gnomes from the magic of the Northern continent, Goliaths from the mountains, Halflings from the swamps and bogs, and Dragonborn from the fires of Bahamut in his last days on the mortal plane.


History of Tannin

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