Organizations in Tannin

The League of the Moon: A mysterious group formed on the purpose of gathering the old world’s power and using for their own gains. They have recently seen a surge in activity on the bounty hunting front, and more of their agents have been suspected of gaining political status in large cities.

The Brotherhood: Deeply entrenched in Human rights, Human tradition, and Human only progression, the Brotherhood believes in only allowing Humans to progress in the world and making them the dominant race on Tannin. Lead by an unknown Chairman, the Brotherhood has been rumored to have recently selected a new leader.

Cult of Vecna: A small group of fanatics who long for their master to return to the mortal world and punish the non-believers. Group 2 has eliminated a large number of their followers. Vecna is the god of secrets and deception in Tannin; he was once believed to be a human who ascended into godhood by harnessing the powers of a dead god.

Cult of Torog: The size of this group is unknown, but their devotion is very real. Torog is called the “king that crawls” and is believed to exist in the Underdark beneath the very feet of all those in Tannin. Legends say that should an unwilling soul mention his name, he will swallow not only that person but also the city in which they stand.

Elvish Empire: The hidden Empire which is said to reside deep in the jungles of Metis. There on the Glass Throne sits the Child Empire who is said to have been cursed in the days of the Great Purge. The empire is currently on a mission to acquire weapons, tomes, spells, and individuals of incredible power for their own needs and gains.

Sons of the Reaper: A collection of pirates, slavers, mercenaries, and any other scourge who seek refuge in the darkest corners of Tannin. The Sons seek only profit and attempt to gain it in any way possible; usually placing their mercenaries in key locations, bribing some mid-level officials in cities, and collecting on slave taxes.

The Merchant’s Guild: The wealthiest group on the planet, The Merchant’s Guild employes those who have a tendency to make gold from nothing and those who can find reliable methods on collecting debts. Operating in multiple cities, and governed by multiple overseers, the Guild relies on proxies to make deals with rival groups and rarely is a main overseer present except for large deals. The Guild currently has large shares and interests in Ravenport, Westedge, and Tamor.

The Red Ruby: A group of Dwarven thieves who operate from the shadows in Fallford. Known as the “Heroes of Fallford” this group is renowned for small, petty crimes and assassinations of nobles. The Red Ruby specializes in taking in orphans and raising them as their own to increase their numbers.

The Black Shields: Forged by a rag-tag group of demon hunters 100 years after the Great Purge, the Black Shields now have an estimated 300 members worldwide. Their headquarters are located on Egar in the Foulrock Warden’s former manor. The organization’s ultimate goal is to rid the world of demons and protect those who are under attack from supernatural forces; at times the Black Shields have been known to hunt down renegade mages as well for their ties to much darker powers.

Organizations in Tannin

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