Races of Tannin

Dragonborn: Before the Great Purge, the Dragonborn held the largest kingdom in civilization. The Dragonborn held the continent of Udoros as their capital and held all of their diplomatic meetings in the capital city of Dghani Ridge. The Dragonborn were aggressive in ancient times with their boundless rage and limitless strength; it was these characteristics which is said to be the reason they were able to take the continent. Once recorded history began, the Dragonborn had gained a new image as diplomats who held immense military power that was seldom used. The Great Purge came to the front door of the Dragonborn first and completely destroyed the once great kingdom; the fall of the Dragonborn kingdom meant the enemies of the Dragonborn on Udoros had free reign on their lands and caused the race to become close to extinct. Now Dragonborn are rarely seen and when they are found, they are usually seeking treasures of their formerly great kingdom.

Humans: The masters of trade and negotiation, the Humans did once have settlements across every continent in Tannin as well as their own domain on Oceanus. The Humans held power with trade arrangements, alliances, and a superior navy. When the demons spilled out from Udoros and destroyed the Dragonborn Kingdom, they moved onto the next closest enemy which happened to be Humans. The demons leveled every defense the Humans had, and caused a volcano to emerge in the center of Oceanus that shaped the continent into its new form today. The humans are one of the few races that can be found on almost every continent in Tannin; they are known to be headstrong but also very adaptable to almost any task.

Tieflings: In ancient times these creatures were once men who had made deals with devils; they were punished for their avarice and greed by being turned into the form they now possess. The Tieflings of the era before the Great Purge held an empire on the continent of Olrar which was vast with rare treasures and magics that gave the Tieflings much power. When the Great Purge hit, the Tieflings attempted to use an ultimate weapon which the demons managed to sabotage causing the entire continent to become a giant wasteland. The Tieflings were easily dispatched and forced to hide in caves, rocky mountain sides, and anywhere that a living could be made. In the modern era, the Tieflings are a scattered people much like the Dragonborn. The continent of Olrar is said to have one last bastion where the Tieflings are gathered and studying the past in order to protect their future.

Elves: The proud and immortal beings of the woods; the Elves have and always will be the protectors of the wilderness. The Elvish Empire of the Child Emperor is on the continent of Metis, but no ruler or warchief has ever dared to send their armies to its shores. During the Great Purge the Elves managed to hold off all demon advances, but lost countless soldiers and outposts which were stationed outside of the empire’s known borders at the time. In the modern era, the Elves are starting to send emissaries to key cities and territories in order to establish a global presence in Tannin once again.

Dwarves: The industrious people of the mountains, the Dwarves have built massive structures and fortresses since the beginning of recorded history. The Dwarven Empire consisted of four Kingdoms in underground citadels beneath the continent of Egar; the Undercitadels traded with each other and supported each other in times of great conflict. During the Great Purge, the Dwarves and Shifters formed an alliance to fight the demonic threat and barely kept their people alive. The war cost both races almost their entire populations, and the land which the demons corrupted caused countless others to become ill and eventually die. In the modern era, the Dwarves hold their last stronghold in the city of Fallford. This city has currently undergone new legislation which does not allow outside influence to enter its walls or those of non-Dwarf heritage.

Shifters: These once noble people of the plains ruled over almost all of the open land in Egar. The Shifters were split into two clans, as legend has it, by the animal gods who created them. The Longtooth Shifters were given the gifts of their wolf god, while the Razorclaws were the given the boon of their tiger god. In the days of the Great Purge, the Shifters found themselves outnumbered and forced into the underground settlements of the Dwarves. Both races united and attempted a counter-offensive attack which eventually routed the demons off of Egar. Following the Great Purge, the Shifters were forced to settle in the dry mesas near the Seat of Melora; the alliance with the Dwarves had ended and aggressions from the newly founded city of Fallford had pushed them away from the plains they once called home. In the modern era, the Shifters have split into numerous sub-tribes which wander the continent of Egar in the northern region of the continent. The Shifters have never been an aggressive people, and have been said to practically rival the Elves in terms of communing with nature.

Eladrin: The denizens of the Feywild, and immortals with an air of superiority. The Eladrin have rarely set foot in the world of mortals, but when they do it’s usually to perform in field research on the living beings of Tannin’s mortal world. During the Great Purge, the Eladrin sent a contingency of Eladrin soldiers to their gateways in order to prevent any and all creatures from entering the Feywild. The demons attempted to breakthrough, and nearly did, but a lone Eladrin commander destroyed the gateways and closed off the Feywild from Tannin for nearly one hundred years. In the current era, the Eladrin send some exploratory units into the mortal realm in hopes of learning what caused the demons to expand their numbers so quickly, and to learn how all the other civilized races survived such a cataclysm. The Eladrin kingdom has never been seen by anyone other than the Eladrin, and by their accounts and tales it is the most majestic sight to be seen in all of the realms.

Minotaurs: The Minotaur tribes of the modern era were once all united under the banner of the War-King, but an incident involving a coup has caused the royal blood line to leave the throne. In the days before the Great Purge, the Minotaur kingdom on Cernos was united and held strong defenses on their borders from any unwelcomes guests. Using Shaman magic, the Minotaurs created a storm around their continent which would only allow those who they deemed allies. Once the Great Purge hit, the demons found a way through the storm and nearly decimated the Minotaurs within the walls of their own lands. When it was all over there stood only a handful of tribes who would eventually all take the throne at different times over the course of the modern era. Minotaur culture and society revolves around physical strength, honor, and the hunger for more power which makes them perfect mercenaries.

Halflings: The most skilled merchants, traders, prospectors, and overall survivalists, the Halflings held their boarders with a multitude of treaties and trade agreements with numerous other kingdoms. Before the Great Purge, the Halflings held court on the continent of Crius and usually avoided direct conflict if possible. There were rumors of Halfling spies around Tannin, and even rumors of the larger kingdoms using them for sensitive missions or objectives. During the Great Purge, Halfling leadership heard of the approaching demon forces and attempted to send four of their best diplomats to parlay with the demons. The diplomats returned to the shores of Crius and decimated the entire coastal defenses within minutes, and led the demon army straight towards the capital. The diplomats had been tainted with the promise of power and corrupted by the power of the Demon Lords; these diplomats were given the name Harbingers by scholars who have studied what little text remains of the Halfling Kingdom. In the modern era, the Halflings can be found across the continents mostly as merchants or traders. The Halfling Spies of the old era are said to still have a court in some part of the destroyed capital on Crius.

Goliaths: Located on the continent of Boreas, the Goliaths live in an unspoken harmony with the Gnomes as the two have shared the continent since before recorded history. A strong, wise, and often underestimated people, the Goliaths have always kept to themselves and never allowed an outsider into their capital city of Ashkan. The Goliaths live on the sides of mountains and use their natural ability to scale them as a defense from invaders. In the times before the Great Purge the Goliaths held nearly all the mountains in the center of Boreas and worked with the Gnomes to keep the shores of their continent safe. The two races learned early on that they needed to work together and coexist should they wish to survive. During the Great Purge the demons attempted to land on Boreas’s shores, but were cut down by the powerful magic of the Gnomes and the brute force of the Goliaths. In the modern era, the Goliaths and Gnomes rarely communicate with each other as their numbers have dwindled since the Great Purge. Both sides have neutral feelings towards each other, but neither one has contacted each other for showing signs of weakness.

Gnomes: Though the smallest of the civilized races in Tannin, the Gnomes have incredible prowess with magic and have built their kingdom on the premise of mind over matter. The Gnomes are an intelligent and quick witted people. Many believed the ancient Gnomes had no cities or kingdoms and that they lived in the trees themselves. In actuality, the Gnomes established one of the first cities in recorded history. Living with the Goliaths has taught the Gnomes to value allies and place trust in those who have earned it in their eyes. During the Great Purge, the Gnomes used their most powerful magic spells and artifacts to decimate the demon fleets before they reached the shores of Boreas. With the Goliaths acting as a moving wall of physical punishment, the alliance was able to keep the demon threat from killing any civilians. The losses from battle however, were too great for either race to aid any of the other continents with their demon enemies. In the modern era, the Gnomes still maintain most of their original boarders with some small pockets lost to the wilderness and wild creatures.

Races of Tannin

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