A man born into servitude, and freed by his sheer determination


Height: 5’8"
Weight: 225 lbs
Age: 28


Not much is known regarding Caslon’s past, but what he does share is very basic information. Caslon was born and raised in an Orc Stronghold as a slave; bred for the sole purpose of digging in the mines and dying there as well. Caslon proved his value to the Orcs by learning to fight from the day he learned to make a fist, and got a taste of his first kill by the age of six.

It is not known how Caslon escaped the Orc stronghold, but it is known he fled to the city of New Heymoor for a small stint. Caslon left the small city within a few years and began to find work as a mercenary under the employ of a powerful organization, which he has decided not to share with Group 3.

Caslon has shown he has a strong distaste for the Consortium and for authority. Kendy and Caslon met while she was on her journey across trading outposts on Egar three years ago. The two worked together for some months and Kendy managed to save Caslon’s life after an encounter with some Shifters.

Now she has called in on that favor, and Caslon has joined the party with only rewards on his mind.


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