Syxen Stormshield

The brave Minotaur Paladin who is the rightful king


Bonuses (based on background):

+3 insight when speaking to NPCs (excluding demonic creatures)

+3 Religion checks when dealing with any object relating to the history of Bahamut

Notable Kills

Otorok, Son of the Great King – Otorok’s Tomb
Rither Darkhoof – Gates of Falgar’s Tomb, Damascus


Syxen rarely speaks about his past, and quickly changes the subject when others attempt to bring it up. Syxen does share some information about himself, but only in regards to his physical training. He was trained in a monastery by Rewis Jango, a famous Halfling Paladin who had constructed this monastery to help those who had lost their ways.

Syxen and Rewis did not see eye to eye at first and there was tension straight away. Eventually, Syxen came to trust Rewis and both shared tales about their past. It was here that Syxen was taught the ways of the Paladin and took the oath to protect those who were too weak to defend themselves.

When the time came, Syxen left the monastery and promised his master that he would spread justice and strike down evil in the name of his deity. Syxen met up with Group 3 after answering a post for “needed muscle” within a newly formed group of treasure hunters. Now with an adventuring group and goals in sight, Syxen looks forward over the horizon for new adventures in an attempt to forget…

Syxen Stormshield

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