Continents of Tannin

The land from which the demons first erupted during the great purge; Udoros was the Jewel of the Dragonborn kingdom in the ancient days. They welcomed all races to live under their protection, were very diplomatic when necessary, and firm when the time called for it. When the demons first emerged from the ground they attacked relentlessly, and once The Last Man fell, the demons overran the empire and wiped the continent of almost all life.

The Great Purge hit this once home to the great Tiefling Empire, Olrar, the hardest. The majority of the land is now covered with ruins, badlands, and dangerous rocky terrain. There are small villages, some nomadic tribes, and a few cities of Tieflings willing to trade with travelers. Rumors of human settlements along the western coast are frequent, but as are tales of these settlements belonging to the Brotherhood.

The land of ice and gateway to the northlands; Boreas was the only continent in which the demons from Greyview did not claim total dominance. The Gnomes and Goliaths who call these lands home formed an alliance in the ancient days: the Gomes worked on creating magic constructs for protection, while the Goliaths aided them with their brute force and muscle power. Both races still coexist but their lines of communication have been few. The demons never managed to get past the fortresses built by the Goliaths and Gnomes, and there were very few casualties.

During the ancient days Egar held the great empire of the Dwarves. They held three kingdoms under the banner of their Emperor, and mined deep into the land to find riches and wonders not known to the surface world. On the surface the open plains were roamed by the horde of Shifters who constantly challenged the surface villages and towns of the Dwarves. The Great Purge caused both races to near extinction, but it ended without a reason just as quickly as it began. Now Egar is home to numerous travelers and explorers who dare to venture into the deep Undercitadels of the Dwarves.

This land was once the main trading hub managed by the Human kingdom in the ancient days. The Human downfall was two-fold with the demons from Greyview massacring thousands, and a powerful demon causing a volcano to erupt in the center of the continent, shaping Oceanus into what it is today. With numerous settlements and three major cities it attracts all walks of life, even those with less than good intentions.

The continent of jungles and dangerous mountain ranges, Metis is suspected to be home to the Elvish Empire of the Child Emperor. No explorer has set foot in the jungle and returned to speak of what they have uncovered. Ships have been reported off the coasts leading to what sailors have called Clearshore, and disappearing into the haze. During the Great Purge this continent was virtually untouched as if some powerful force were protecting it.

A land full of mystery and decay, Crius was home to the Halflings and merchants galore. When the Purge began to spread the Halflings sent emissaries to try and negotiate with the demons, but they were met with massive failure. The messengers pleaded with the demons to spare their lives, but were turned into the Harbingers. These Harbingers were able to instantly destroy every defense the Halflings were able to surmount, and almost brought their extinction.

The home of the Minotaurs first and foremost, this continent is hidden by an ever-present ocean storm put in place by ancient Minotaur shamen. The continent is surrounded by this storm on all of its coasts; primarily a nice hilly landscape with some mountains and heavy forests, Cernos has all four seasons and abundant wildlife that allowed the Minotaurs to thrive. During the Great Purge the Minotaurs were able to keep a majority of the demons off their shores. The shamen created the storms in order to destroy the demon transports which brought the demons over, but they failed to realize they had alternative methods of transportation.

A land rich in culture and steeped in historical bloodshed, Tian is home to the largest organized Empire of Humans in Tannin. The Divine Emperor sits on his throne in the capital city of Taizhou with his royal court The Jade Assembly; clans of humans established cities across Tian’s luscious and sometimes perilous landscapes. The clans each all pay tribute and homage to their Divine Emperor who is said to hold the blood of gods running through him. During the time of the great purge, the humans of Tian were almost all wiped out, save for small pockets who fought off the demons. After the bloodshed ended, the surviving humans formed clans which resemble the clans that exist today. The clans soon found themselves fighting for what little resources remained and war soon broke out amongst them. Powerful clans slaughtered smaller, weaker clans and there seemed to be no end in sight to the war. One clan soon took control over all others and claimed supremacy over the land of Tian, The Divine Empire was formed as the ruler of this new lead clan claimed to have blood of the gods running through his veins. Through the ages, the Divine Empire has remained in power and helped rebuild some of the great monuments of their peoples’ past civilization; the clans who survived the war have established themselves as loyal servants to the empire and supply food, soldiers, and whatever trade goods the empire demands. Only once has their been an open revolt for independence, which ended in the destruction of the Red Tiger Clan and their home city of Chanyi.

Continents of Tannin

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